Project EROSion (Producer's Cut Edition)

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Project EROSion (Producer's Cut Edition) is a select collection of consolidated, reorganized, and remastered versions of the trail-blazing, unabashed Project EROSion short films created by Wesley Florence.

All thirty films are directed and produced by Wesley Florence, shot in HD.

Contains the following films: The Courtship; At Home With Chuckles; Femme 101; The Cocoon; The Narcissist; Elixir; 2 Girls, 1 Camera; Butthoven's Ninth; Die Tanzerin; Bored of the Flies; Il Omaggio; Junkaholics Anonymous; SelfGratis.NET; Maniaca; V.L.T; Mellow Yellow; The Black Plague; The Woman In Red; Mime Over Matter; BigFan8; The Long Hard Road to Salvation; Nice Genes; Scrub; Spectrolysis; Easy Like Sunday Mourning; The Seven Sisters; The Immorals; Moonlighting; Brown and Blue; and Miss America.

These films contain explicit nudity. For MATURE audiences only.

Runtime: 2hr 55min

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